Bret + Stacie Engagement | Los Angeles, California

One of Vitae Weddings' very own, Stacie, is getting married in July!  We put together a simple, beautiful engagement session at Descanso Gardens, a botanical garden in Los Angeles County.  The weather in December was lovely and crisp, the leaves were golden, and the winter sun fell perfectly through the large California oak groves.  Bret and Stacie, both being photographers, graciously allowed the camera to turn on them and capture their adorable silly moments as well as their palpable love.  We cannot wait for the wedding!!

Alan + Kate | Malibu, California

What a beautiful, airy, wedding in Malibu, California at the historic Adamson House.  The idyllic garden filled grounds overlooking the ocean and the sound of the waves rolling in made the perfect setting for a fall wedding.  Kate and Alan fit each other to a tee, a perfect mix of laughter and grace, jokes and tears; the love they share was palpable.  As deeply as the love was felt, the celebration did not disappoint at one of the most lively and joyous receptions we've shot yet.  Well wishes to the lovely bride and the warm hearted groom for a lifetime to come!

Jesse + Allison | Topsfield, Massachusetts

What an incredible backyard wedding!  Located in a tree-lined New England neighborhood in Topsfield, MA, Jesse and Allison were married amidst a lovely garden with the reception taking place under a warm canvas canopy in his mother's backyard. With some of the most gorgeous light we've seen, we were awed by the beauty of the surroundings and the incredibly intimate feeling this backyard wedding conveyed. Simply put, Jesse and Allison just seem made for one another.  Their absolute joy, adorable quirks, and love for one another was tangible as they celebrated with close family and friends.  As photographers themselves, their willingness to allow us to be completely creative made for some of our favorite photographs yet. Thank you, Jesse and Allison for allowing us to photograph your day - we wish you the best!