"Love,love,love the pic’s. Amazing job!  So much fun to relive it through them.  Can’t wait to see more. Thank you so much!"

 - Sean

"Wow ladies!  Soooo beautiful!  Can’t wait to see more! So exciting!  The candids are amazing…..”

- Molly


"YAY!!!! Thank you SOOOO much! We loved looking through these!!!! So excited to see what other amazing shots you guys got :)!”

- Kristin


"Callie and Stacie!!!!!!!!! These are the most amazing photos ever! We absolutely love them. You guys captured SO much - I can't believe how quick and nimble you are. Like little ninjas. Cute, pretty ninjas! We have so many favorites - I loved how you captured all the babies and so much of the wedding that we didn't get to see. Still in such awe over these gorgeous photos. We loved every single photo!!!! You guys are so amazing and magical. We miss you already and wish you could come everywhere with us. XOXOXO!!!"

- Tracy + Colin


"We're obsessed! This is so exciting!!! They look amazing! I still have to REALLY spend time going through but can't believe how quickly you got these to us. THANK YOU!!!"

- Anna


"OMG you guys these are INSANE.  Can't wait to go through them more slowly this weekend!!! xx!"

- Emma

"We just wanted to write and say "thank you" for the other day. We have been very stressed out because of the wedding planning, but it was so nice to be out shooting with the two of you. Your professionalism made it so easy and comfortable for us. The pictures are well received!!  They look absolutely stunning. Once again, we had so much fun with the two of you and enjoyed every part of the experience."

- Eddie + Emma

"We just received the engagement shoot photos and are blown away by how awesome you guys are!!  The pictures turned out phenomenal and we love how you shot them!  Can't wait for the wedding!  Thanks again for making us feel so comfortable, picking such a great location and making us look so good! You guys rock!"

- Ryan + Kristin

"We got the engagement photos and are having so much fun looking through them, especially since we weren't expecting them for another month at least - thanks!! We really like the colors and the spot you chose ended up being so beautiful as a background."

- Nishat + Steve

"Colin and I are overwhelmed - these photos are SO beautiful. We've been staring at them ever since you sent them. Every image is so vibrant and full of joy, just like what we wanted. Thank you for doing such a great job and making us feel comfortable the entire time. You guys are wonderful to be around. Thank you again for such a fun photo shoot - we had the best time with you guys."

- Tracy + Colin

"YAY! YOU GUYS ARE AMAZING!!! Thank you thank you thank you, we love them and they totally brought us back to the day. You truly captured all of the details and scope of the day. Everyone we have showed them to said how amazing all of the shots and color of the photos is and how they wish they used you for their wedding! "

- Stephanie + Jordan

"Wow these are incredible! Love all the moments you got!! It’s like reliving the day!"

- Debbie + Carlos

"We can't thank you enough for these beautiful photos! You ladies are so incredibly talented and we are just amazed each time we scroll through the photos." 

- Katie + Ben

"Ladies! Thank you!!!!! I couldn't be happier the photos are beyond gorgeous. They are really sweet and have a very calm energy which totally helps on that day of! Love them!!!!"  

- Paige + Sevier


"We Love the photos! You really captured the special moments of our wedding day! Thank you so much again."

- Tracy + Simon

"YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS! DYING! These are so good you guys! Thank you!"

- Daniel + Victoria

"THANK YOU!! We love, love, love them. You guys were our favorites of all our vendors. You guys are incredible!!!!!!!"

- Adam + Jordyn

"These are truly some of my favorite photos of my home, store, and self :) you really captured the vibe of my life and I am so grateful and proud of this story! I truly have never loved a photo story more. You guys are a very talented team!"

- Lily


“I'M OBSESSED!! Love them all so so much!! Your work is amazing and we can't wait to see all the pics!! Thank you again for being there and capturing all the love and fun all weekend 💗💓💗💓 ”

- Jen + Joe


"Ladies, thank you very much for the photos. They came out wonderful! As always, great work!"

- Damiano + Rebecca


“Thank you ladies! These are gorgeous. We are so excited! Thank you so much, we loved working with you two.”

- Sarah + Nick


“GUYS - these are absolutely breathtaking, I can't wait to go through them all carefully. xoxoxoxoxo Miss you guys, you are all the best!”

- Nona


“We LOVE the preview!!! You did an amazing job! :) Thank you again for capturing our wedding so perfectly.”

- Miranda + Jeff


“So many photos! :oD THANK YOU! THANK YOU! We LOVE them!!!!”

- Ja-Shin + Jeff


“They look AMAZING!!!! Thank you so much! SO BEAUTIFUL! You girls did a fantastic job. There is so much variety in the filters and composition.  Really amazing.”

- Briana + Adam


“You guys...these are AMAZING. LOVE them! We literally marked at least 1/3 of them as favorites, just couldn't decide :) Can't wait to share with our family. More importantly, can't wait to have such talented ladies photographing our most important day! You're the best! xoxo”

- Adam + Jordyn


“OMG just logged in! The pictures look so good!!!! Thank you for capturing our wedding day so beautifully.” 

- Anais + Dax


“They are amazing!!!! I’ve only had a chance to quickly scroll, but holy shit these are so great! So many that I love. We are sooooooo happy we hired u for the wedding. AMAZING!!!!”

- Nona


“Wow, just went threw them! Amazing!!! Such great shots! Thank you so much!  Can’t wait to show Stella, I know she’ll love them!!!!!!!!”

- Chris


“Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We can’t wait to sit down and look at them all properly. They are bringing back so many great memories. You guys are the best. Thank you again for all your amazing work we are seriously so happy with the photos! XXXX”

- Steve + Libby


"Thank you this means the world!!! We are in love! Thank you :)"

- Nick + Alex


“THANK YOU so much!!!  We received the pictures, they look beautiful!! Thank you both for all of your hard work!!”

- Olivier + Lauren



“We love them and are so excited about these! They look amazing! Thank you so much! You were so great throughout this whole process. We really appreciate everything! We want you to know everyone who has seen our pictures says they are unlike any wedding photos they've ever seen and are stunning. They've been compared to Vanity Fair photos more than once. Thank you so much again!”

- Ethan + Shelby


“We LOVE the pics!!!!!! So happy with these! Can't stop looking at them! Thank you for the beautiful work. It was an amazing day. It went by too fast. I'm so thrilled we have so many amazing photos to look back on, we feel blessed to have had you both as photographers and dance partners at our wedding! Thank you!”

- Kristen + Bradley


“Ladies, thank you, thank you, thank you, a million times thank you, for the wonderful photos! Steve and I LOVE them. They came out perfect. Thank you again for being so accommodating, professional and detail-oriented on our special day...all in all, it went even better than we had hoped. My in-laws and parents can't stop talking about how great you two were, and I've definitely recommended you to a number of friends! Thank you both again, you two are amazing photographers!!" 

- Stephen + Michelle


“Thank you so much for being amazing throughout the process and on the day of.  You guys were such a pleasure to work with. We love the photos!  Thank you so much for sending them and even a little early :)”

- Evan + Shelby


“Ahhhhh!!! So excited. WOW!! Such gorgeous images of Casey and the ladies. Amazing! Thanks a million. Xoxoxox. So happy! Woot woot.” 

- Travis

“I’m obsesssssssed!!!! I can't stop looking at them!!!!”

- Casey


“These are fucking amazing! Thank you.”

- Austin

“We are so lucky to have such beautiful images from our day.”

- Jessica


“What an amazing wedding that was, and your photos really impressed us, they are perfect.”

- Lila

“Every picture is killer. Can you just put every single last one in the album please? thanks.”  

- Elliot

"I love all the pictures from the wedding and rehearsal. Thanks for making me so happy."

- Kristin

“Thanks again for being so great at the wedding! The photos look beautiful thanks so much!”

- Pete + Emily



"You. Are. Amazing. These photos are gorgeous and fun and full of life (and our favorite people!). We've shared the album with our close family and friends and everyone absolutely loves them. Thank you."

- Jeremy + Rene


“Wow!  These pics are beautiful!  We relived the day going through them. Yes, I cried. Thanks again for all you've done for us. We've looked at your pics about a hundred times so far and the flood of emotions come back every time. You guys really are the best. Thank you for your most excellent work.”

- Brian

“I love the pictures so very much! Thank you for capturing our day so beautifully. We are over the moon with the pics. Amazing!!” 

- Stephanie

“AHHHHHHH We’re FREAKING out!!! Love love love. We’re very, very, happy, you guys are amazing!!!! We’re back from the honeymoon and want to circle back with you guys to thank you and tell you how much we loved having you there on our special day.”

- Joe

“Wow....I have no words. These brought tears to my eyes. Thank you for sharing. I am beyond excited to see all of them!! So many people have told me they are the most beautiful wedding photos they have ever seen...not kidding!! xoxoxoxoxo”

- Claressinka

“WOW!! So crazy awesome! Take me back in time now please!!!! These are just insanely good.  We can't thank you enough! Call me crazy but do we need to print/make a coffee table BOOK? The pics are just all to epic to choose!! xo!”

- Emma + John


"It was a nice surprise to get these, great job!  We are finally sharing our wedding pics (which are better than we could have possibly imagined) with the family..."

- Andy + Sophia


"The photos look SO great!  Sorry for the delay: every time I plan to email y'all, I get distracted looking at the pics.  I love the ones where I was sitting on Dave's lap right after the ceremony.  That was one of my favorite moments of the whole day, so I'm glad you caught us."

- Emily

"You guys are so awesome at what you do!!!! Thank you!" 

- Genevieve

"Cool!!! Your photos are amazing!"

- Pascal


"Thank you, these are wonderful and working with you two has been wonderful.  Thank you so much for capturing so many of the little moments from the day that help to tell the bigger picture.  The photos are priceless!"

- Bethany

"Oh my gosh!  We LOVE the photos so much!  Thank you so much for helping us create photos that equaled the love & specialness of our wedding day.  We both feel so blessed to have found you two :)  The photos have such heart in them & the light & world around them are magical.  THANK YOU!!!!"

- Eileen + Scott

“We are so happy that you were not only part of our wedding celebrations, but also that you so magically captured the moments for us to treasure forever.  The pics on the blog are incredible!  We are so happy!!  And now that we’ve got a taste, are even more eager to see the full stock!"

– Ryan + Stef

"The photos are stunning!!!!!!! We are so excited to share them all with our family and friends. More importantly, we cannot wait to take more photos with you both on the day of the wedding.  Again we are so happy with the photos!"

- Melissa + Greg

"Greg and I are obsessed with our wedding photos.  They are simply gorgeous, and truly caught every moment of our big day.  We are so blessed to have had such incredible photographers for our engagement and wedding.  Here's to many more occasions to photograph!!  Lots of Love!"

- Melissa + Greg

"We adore the photo spread! Totally brought tears to my eyes when I first saw it. They are spectacular!  Thank you, thank you, thank you! So very excited to share them!"

– Rebecca

"Totally just made our day!! :-)  These came out great!!! Couldn’t be happier."

– Damiano

"These are great!  Can't wait to see all of them!"


"We are so excited!  These look SOOOO amazing.  I totally forgot about some of these fun moments, it's so great to look at them again!  Thank you so much for being our photographers, we could not be happier with what we've seen.  We love you guys (as people AND as professionals)!"


"You just made my day!"


 "These are INCREDIBLE! Thank you two sooooo much! I can't stop looking at them! xoxo"

– Allison

"Yea, they're amazeballs" 

– Jesse

"These pics are so overwhelmingly gorgeous! You two are seriously talented. Thank you so much for being such wonderful friends and photographers!"

– Christina + Cody

"It's all absolutely beautiful. I couldn't be happier. Thank you for putting something together for us so quickly."

– Chris + Amanda

"OMG!! I LOVE THEM!!!!! You seriously ROCK!!! XOXOXO"

– Tarah + Dave