We are a photographer duo who are best friends - the kind that finish each other's sentences and know what each other is thinking. We met more than a decade ago at orientation for photo school in Santa Barbara, California. Though we professionally went our own way after school, we started shooting weddings together when we were each getting inquiries. After a couple of weddings we realized how much we loved all the aspects of shooting a wedding - not to mention the time we were spending together - so we decided to start Vitae Weddings! 

With our combined experience in the photography industry, we have developed a keen sense of how to tell a story. We craft your story from start to finish, working together to capture every important moment, every detail, every nuance - the joyous candid moments as well as the tender, intimate ones. Our documentary style allows your day to flow naturally so that we can capture true emotions you share with each other, your family, and friends. We believe it is the unexpected moments full of emotion that are the most heartfelt and the most cherished. We take care to make sure every image in your story has meaning and purpose and is descriptive of the expression of your special day. With the story we capture,  you will have a beautiful reminder of your wedding day, those who shared it with you, and the emotions felt.

Weddings are our jam. We love meeting new people, exploring new places, witnessing immense love, and being part of such an important part of life. It is truly an honor for us to be asked to photograph a wedding and we do not take the task lightly. Though we are lighthearted and fun-spirited, we are constantly aware of what is going on around us and try to capture all the details and moments - big or small - that will tell the story of your wedding day. We are proud to say that we often form deep connections with our couples and make life-long friendships.

If you feel a connection with our photographs, we would love to hear from you! Visit our Contact page to send us a note. We would love to talk with you about your day and start planning a beautiful collaboration.